Free Printables

Do you want your Littles to begin to learn how to plan? How to set goals and work towards achieving them? 

If so, this printable pack is for you. 

Perfect for 6+ year olds - first they will review the past year, thinking about their favourite memories and what lessons they learnt, then they plan for the coming or current year. They are encouraged to think about what they're looking forward to the most, what skills they want to develop and what their biggest dreams are - amongst other things too!

It's a wonderful introduction to life skills that will stand your children in good stead for the future. 

Download pdf here

Our Mini Activity Bundle is perfect for those days where you need to keep your Littles occupied. You can create a little bit of fun while you and your Little Ones learn facts about Africa.

The Bundle comes with:

1. One Crossword Puzzle

2. Jungle & Savannah Animals Word Search

3. Rivers & Lakes in Africa Word Search

4. Match the Country to the Flag Exercise

5. African Cultures Word Search

Plus answers to all of the above.

Good for age 6 (potentially with a some grown up help) and above. I daresay grown ups might have a little bit of fun with these too! 

Download pdf here