Our Puzzles

Nothing whets the imagination more than a good puzzle

Our Toy Story

As a young mum of two who loved doing puzzles herself as a kid - I began to search online for jigsaw puzzles for my older one as he approached the age of 3. I was only able to find puzzles of popular cartoon characters and brands such as Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, etc and I simply wanted more. 

So I decided to design puzzles that my kids could find representation in, and through which they could learn all about cultures from different countries. 


Toys to grow up with

We create and design developmental and educational toys that stimulate your little ones' imagination.  

Included in each box, is a progressive learning offering of either 2-3 puzzles ranging from 4 to 12, and then 24 pieces, aiding the developmental stages of 2-5-year-olds, in the areas of problem-solving, fine motor development as well as key cognitive skills. This means the varying levels included in one box can serve the needs of more than one child both at home and in a learning environment, making each box multi-functional.


More than just toys

Each puzzle set depicts traditional scenes from countries in Africa - showcasing the diverse, vibrant, and colorful cultures across the continent. 

These original puzzles are backed by research showing that cultural education fosters creativity and innovation, unlocking vital skills that drive creative industries.

With short stories using words from the appropriate local language included to describe what's happening in the image, they are a great learning tool to broaden a child’s understanding of cultural diversity.

More than just toys, our puzzles encourage learning and help children expand their horizons. They are the vital piece, creating the bridge between play, culture, and education.

Jigsaws develop kids' gross and fine motor skills - strengthening hand muscles as they hold, move, and fit the pieces - developing their pincer grip. This is super important for learning how to hold pencils/pens to write. 

They improve concentration and attention spans as children remain focused in order to complete the challenge of completing the picture. 

Problem-solving skills are developed, as kids try to work out exactly which piece needs to go where to build a coherent picture.

Our multi-pack puzzles provide a means to develop social skills amongst siblings/friends as kids learn to work together and share as they build. I have definitely been caught up in a few *ahem* arguments among friends which provides an opportunity to teach about taking turns and working together to achieve a goal.

Our unique, one of a kind puzzles encourage learning of new languages & cultures. They are the perfect avenue to open up discussions on diversity and history as kids typically want to talk about the picture they have just assembled.

Representation is key with our cultural puzzles!!

I've seen lovely videos of children completing the puzzles and shouting out "I DID IT!!!!" in buckets of excitement. You can imagine this does wonder for their self-esteem! And also might make your heart melt and swell with pride all at the same time. 

Hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness are improved as children develop their perception of themselves in space and require their hands and eyes to work together as they fit the pieces together.

Guess what - kids like to re-do the puzzles over and over and this literally helps improve their memory as they begin to recall where pieces go each time they assemble the puzzles.