Ara Becomes Thundergirl 

A book with a female superhero protagonist that inspires children to be empathetic and helpful. 


"Ara is a precocious little girl with a million hobbies, a wild imagination, and too little time, so she never thinks to help Mum and Dad around the house.  

One day, she realizes something which leads her to a special discovery – she has awesome superpowers! Ara decides to find ways to use her new abilities for good by paying more attention and helping the people around her. 

In doing so, she discovers that being mindful of other people makes her kinder and helps her spread joy." 



As a mum of boys, tired of seeing male characters dominate the superhero genre, I really wanted to show my sons that females ARE superheroes too, that kindness is the new cool and that their beautiful skin colour is worth being celebrated and viewed in a positive light.

In light of this, I hope to stir up conversations on gender and cultural diversity; as well as positive core values such as empathy and consideration through this book.

Ara Becomes Thundergirl comes with a certificate to be proudly displayed for being a Helper.

10% of proceeds will be donated to Centrepoint UK - a charity that aims to help vulnerable young people move on from homelessness and build a future they can believe in. 



Thundergirl's Self Awareness Workbook

I created this Workbook to be used either alongside Ara Becomes Thundergirl or on its own.

This is perfect if you want to encourage introspection and the development of a strong sense of self in your little one. Think of it as something of a mini-journal, perfect for ages 4 and up. 

By filling out each page, children are encouraged to talk about themselves and their likes and dislikes, understand empathy, and track how they've been a Helper at home.

Additionally, there are motivational Bible-based quotes to remind them of how important they are! Each verse used is distilled into child-friendly language to aid understanding and is focused on empowerment and love.