Love Languages Are Not Just For Lovers

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It’s the season of love and I just couldn’t resist writing on the topic! I’m sure by now, many of us have come across the concept of ‘love languages’ i.e. the way in which we feel most loved and appreciated. I’m also sure that for the most part, it’s so much easier to think about this in the context of how we show love to romantic partners.


But love languages aren’t just for lovers, right?


I thought about how we show love to our Littles and how easy it is to do so through the right toys. For me, these are mainly open-ended toys. Toys that can be used in a variety of ways depending on the child, their mood and how they may be feeling on any given day ie toys that encourage imagination and foster creativity like building blocks, magnetic tiles, figurines among many others.


As you may know, the 5 love languages, in no particular order, are Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gifts and Physical Touch. Let’s look at these in turn:

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  1. Quality Time

Give the gift of uninterrupted time by sitting and playing with your Little(s). For the child who primarily needs your undivided attention to feel loved, you watching them play and enjoy their self-confidence as they smash each challenge means everything!

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  1. Words of Affirmation

Words of encouragement and accomplishment are often shared by grown-ups as children focus on completing a task / challenge. For the child who absolutely thrives on kind, uplifting and loving words, this could be just the thing!


  1. Acts of Service

Babygirl / Babyboy feeling stuck on a particular piece of the puzzle (literally and figuratively)? While the aim is to encourage independence and self-confidence, sometimes the best act of service is to guide your Little One through a new process, teaching him/her tips and tricks to doing it themselves the next time.


  1. Gifts

Gifts and presents which are age appropriate and well thought out mean the world to the child who sees gifts as a symbol of your love. They don't have to be expensive gifts either. This lends itself very well to a well-timed plug 😊 Go on - you know you want to purchase a puzzle or book 😉


  1. Physical Touch

Is there a better way to celebrate finishing off a puzzle or reading a book than a warm cuddly hug, a high-five or a fist bump? Nah...I didn't think so.

Make use of just another reason to fill your quota for the child that appreciates physical touch. I'm yet to come across a little munchkin that doesn't love a good ol' cuddle or snuggle.


So what do you think? Do you know your child’s love languages and have you been speaking the same language either intentionally or inadvertently during playtime? Drop a comment below!


To find out what your child’s love language is, check out Gary Chapman’s quiz here. Throw in a cheeky quiz for yourself and partner as well if you want 😉


Until next time!


Toodles 💜

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