Celebrating World Book Day in Lockdown

"Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child's future success - more than their family circumstances, their parent's educational background or their income" (Source: OECD)

Like everything else, things are looking a bit different this year including #WorldBookDay.

It is customary for children to wear costumes on World Book Day and then go to their local bookstore, and buy books with the £1 token they would've received from school.

Thank you 'Rona for changing that this year 🙄

We are being creative over here by celebrating #WorldBookDay in different ways.

Here are some creative ways you can engage the littles on #WorldBookDay while locked down.


  1. Book Quiz

Host a mini quiz with your kids and ask them questions about their favourite books. E.g is there a thunderbolt on Ara’s armour?

Do not forget to reward and incentivize them to make the activity more fun.


  1. Write a story

Writing a story expands your child's imagination and helps them organize their thoughts and feelings.

Get your Littles to write a one page (or whatever is appropriate for their age) story that has a clear introduction, middle and end.

You're introducing them to the concept of a 'narrative plot structure' by doing so. You never know - you may have a budding author in your home!


  1. Give them a book-based challenge

Make World Book Day a personal challenge for the kids by involving them in handwritten activities.

There are so many amazing activity books that are sure to keep your Littles busy for hours on end and expand their vocabulary as well.

Peep our Thundergirl's Self Awareness Workbook for example, and FREE printables online!


  1. Arrange the bookshelf

Ain't nothing wrong with having a little fun while doing chores - like reorganizing a book shelf with your Littles! Who knows, maybe they’ll fall in love with an oldie all over again?🤷🏾‍♀️ Win-Win!!

If you really want to step up the fun factor and let the perfectionist in you out, arrange them by spine colour or height!

Is it weird that there is something very soothing about a perfectly organised bookshelf? 😂


  1. Buy New Books

Because you can never have too many books


.....but you already knew that 😉


  1. And...of course you can always still dress up as your favourite book character...

 Purple cape and mask anyone???


So which of these activities would you be exploring with your little superheroes today? 💜

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